Happy New Year!

Puro & Co would like to wish you all a great new year. May 2015 bring us lots of beautiful jewellery.

Christmas presents from Puro & Co.

With the festive season fast approaching, beautiful jewellery is waiting for you loved one as the perfect present this Christmas.

Puro & Co has lovely handmade rings and earrings that will make even the ‘toughest person to please’ extremely happy.

Get in touch with us on to know where your nearest Puro & Co retailer is and do not miss the opportunity to give the best Christmas presents ever!

How to wear your engagement and wedding rings?

Many wives-to-be question how their two rings should be worn after the big day. Traditionally, on the day of the wedding the bride should not wear her engagement ring on her left ring finger; this is where the wedding band is to be placed during the ceremony and, in theory, never removed again. After that the engagement ring can be placed on top of it, protecting the wedding ring.

 Here are a few reasons why the wedding band is usually worn first:

 *It sits closer to your heart.

*The engagement ring ‘shields’ and protects the wedding band, becoming a symbol of ‘keeping your love safe’.

*Time honours that the wedding band is never removed, whereas the engagement ring can be taken off as and when you wish.

 Although wearing the rings in this way is a long established tradition, we at PURO & CO believe that your love is unique and you should choose to wear your rings the way it is the most comfortable and convenient to you.


The ultimate proof of love.

A diamond ring is a symbol of commitment. For centuries people from all over the world have used the diamond engagement ring to represent their eternal love.

As the most precious of the gemstones, a diamond can stand any test of time. Its beauty is captivating due to the many facets which enhance the diamonds many sparkles.

At Puro & Co we make the most beautiful rings to complement your chosen diamond so your beloved fiancée can proudly wear the proof of your love.

PURO & CO produces great quality semi-set ring mounts.

Puro & Co makes beautiful engagement rings to compliment your chosen precious stone. Our rings are designed to fit comfortably around the fingers and, of course, to look fabulous. We produce high standard18ct gold and platinum mounts to the highest quality standards.

Once the rings are made, an experienced setter makes sure that all the side stones are secure and a mounter checks the quality of the metal and the ring as a whole. All to make sure that the person wearing it will have a strong piece of jewellery that will last forever.

 We strive for excellence. This is so all our customers have the guarantee that their rings are up to the best standards.


Did you know that every single Puro & Co ring has it own unique jewellery certificate?

Puro & Co, together with IDRC LAB have created its own exclusive jewellery certificates. Each ring mount has its individual certificate with a full description, including metal types, weights and colour and clarity of the side diamonds (if applicable).

Every small detail of Puro & Co engagement rings is made to the best quality, and having an independent certificate certainly will give our customer the well deserved peace of mind when buying your jewellery.


Lovely ring mounts

Puro & Co has the most beautiful collection of ring mounts. Choosing the right diamond is important but the mount is what dresses the stone, giving it an even better look. That is why Puro & CO rings are a great choice; they will definitely help your precious stone shine even more.