Many wives-to-be question how their two rings should be worn after the big day. Traditionally, on the day of the wedding the bride should not wear her engagement ring on her left ring finger; this is where the wedding band is to be placed during the ceremony and, in theory, never removed again. After that the engagement ring can be placed on top of it, protecting the wedding ring.

 Here are a few reasons why the wedding band is usually worn first:

 *It sits closer to your heart.

*The engagement ring ‘shields’ and protects the wedding band, becoming a symbol of ‘keeping your love safe’.

*Time honours that the wedding band is never removed, whereas the engagement ring can be taken off as and when you wish.

 Although wearing the rings in this way is a long established tradition, we at PURO & CO believe that your love is unique and you should choose to wear your rings the way it is the most comfortable and convenient to you.