About Us

Welcome to Puro & Co

Puro & Co is a family company which has been dealing with gold and diamonds since 1976 in Hatton Garden London, the heart of the jewellery industry in the UK.

Over the years, the company has been known for its high quality manufacturing of high end jewellery with its outstanding designs and bespoke jewellery art.

During the past years we have being trying to create something special and unique to maximise your experience when buying a diamond ring and special meaningful gifts.

We have now launched our new unique collections enabling you to use our exact special jewel experience by combining our experience of high quality manufacturing and bespoke designs with high profile individual designers from all around the world to create the most beautiful settings for your diamonds.

Buying a diamond is a special occasion and it is very important to select a diamond which is vibrant and fiery with good white colour reflection. Therefore, we recommend that you always purchase a diamond with an appropriate independent laboratory report.

After choosing your diamond, it is important that you select the right design to complete your jewellery. There is a vast range of designs available on the high street and making this decision can be just as difficult as any other to ensure that your especial occasion is captured perfectly.

Puro and Co have carefully selected the collection and created a detailed report for each of our jewels to ensure authenticity and quality.

How your jewellery is created step by step:

1) Our designers are inspired by life, romance, love and they express their feelings through jewellery visions. They sketch drawings which are then selected and chosen for our collections.

2) The sketches will be cadded and printed in wax by a cad designer and professional jeweller to make sure that all angles are perfect.

3) The wax model will be cast in the workshop in the chosen precious metal selected and prepared to the next level.

4) The piece of jewellery will be set with a collection of VS/SI diamonds which have been selected by a trained gemologist for a perfect cut.

5) The piece of jewellery is cleaned and polished to the highest specifications by the polishing team.

6) The jewellery is reviewed by supervisors and gemologists, then provided with an appropriate independent laboratory certificate “IDRC LAB” Exclusively for PURO & CO in London UK.

We at PURO & CO and on behalf of our designers, would like to thank you for purchasing our jewels from our selected trustful retailers and wish you love and success for your future.

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